Financial Info

LCF is an almost entirely volunteer-run organization. Neither the Board nor the CEO receive monetary compensation for their services. Nor do most of the team leaders. Local program coordinators are volunteers who are reimbursed their expenses for purchasing and distributing supplements monthly. This means that over 85% of all donations go directly to the purchase of supplements and reimbursement of local coordinators. Donations from Board members are used to cover overhead costs, so that 100% of other donor’s monies go toward nutritional supplementation for children, and in several areas this money also goes towards educational scholarships for children.

Access to Funds

Funds are deposited in the LCF bank account. Only key people approved by the Board have access to funds. The Board establishes and approves financial controls. Monthly, the Board's Operating Committee reviews financial expenditures and disbursements. 


A yearly budget is prepared by the treasurer and then approved by the Board.


Standard auditing procedures are used as noted in bylaws and overseen by the Audit Committee.



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